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A Message From The Foundation:

Each day, we receive many  meaningful phone calls, e-mails, letters from our parents notifying us of their children's achievements seeking our advice with situations that impacts their lives, our requesting information about performance opportunities the the Special K's Special T's Foundation can provide. This ongoing contacts permits the Foundation to serve the emotional needs of these children, aiding them to develop their abilities, and to attain self confidence and a positive mental attitude.

Why do we pay so much attention to these children who lack emotional support? What is it that these children are missing in their lives? We impact the lives of children by reinforcing and providing the children with a frame of references to prior generations and to society in general.

The Special K's Special T's Foundation for the arts supports children's interested in the preforming arts who lack the emotional support we can give. We communicate with the child and give the encouragement. We help the to rise from the state of depression and achieve a more positive outlook on their situations.





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